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Accelerating Leading-Edge Innovation and Enhanced Global Communications

International Center for Advanced Internet Research

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Advancing Internet Research

Providing a focal point for leading-edge internet research, innovation, pre-production deployment, and advanced optical networking.

5G mobile telecommunication network in Europe for high speed wireless data connection to internet from smartphones, fifth generation radio wave communication technology. AI generated illustration


The International Center for Advanced Internet Research's (iCAIR) mission is to accelerate leading-edge innovation and enhance global communications through advanced Internet technologies in partnership with the international community.

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Large Hadron Collider (High Luminosity HLC)

Research Initiatives

Advanced research initiatives are undertaken by a wide range of academic, government, and corporate organizations worldwide, including research centers, standards bodies, and individual initiatives.

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Vera Rubin Observatory

Advanced Applications

With its research partners, iCAIR designs and develops large-scale information technologies that are flexible, programmable, expandable, and extensible.

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Advanced Photon Source (Next Generation Advanced Photon Source)

Platforms and Networks

iCAIR actively participates in global research collaborations that design, implement, and develop unique ubiquitous services for large-scale distributed data-intensive science.

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Square Kilometer Array (SKA Australian Telescope Facility)

Research Testbeds

iCAIR designs, develops, implements, and operates facilities that provide proof-of-concept advanced network-based services, for example, to allow for early deployment of advanced applications over next-generation networks.

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Our research partners and alliances span the globe and provide crucial expertise and support to ensure that the best of new technologies and solutions will migrate quickly into wider communities.
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Visitors are welcome to visit the International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) on Northwestern University's Chicago campus. Please contact us to schedule a visit.