Advanced Optical Networks

With its research partners, iCAIR designs and develops new architecture, services, and technologies related to next generation networks based on advanced optical technologies, including those that are based on dynamic lightpath provisioning. iCAIR has established multiple initiatives with these partners to implement these innovations on prototype networks and early production networks, regionally, nationally, and globally.

New services based on advanced optical networks allow routed packet services to be complemented by integrated L1 and L2 services. The term “hybrid networks” is used to describe these multi-layer integrated capabilities. The primary facilities and networks that are advancing the innovations in next generation optical networking are described here. Key issues include the architecture and design for an optimized large-scale, reliable networking infrastructure based on advanced optical networking technology.

New types of architectures envision extremely powerful high-capacity network cores, with complexity and network intelligence pushed to the edge. These directions include migrating from networks based on multiple hierarchical levels to simpler, more flexible designs that allow for faster service provisioning, optimized transit, enhanced reliability, and customization opportunities. These designs incorporate new types of control planes, and dynamic, intelligent optical core components.

  • StarLight
  • Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF)
  • Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development (GLORIAD)
  • TransLight
  • NetherLight/SURFnet
  • CzechLight/CESNET
  • NorthernLight/NORDUnet
  • JGN-2
  • KOREN/KREOnet2
  • Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN)
  • ASCC/ASnet
  • AMPATH (Pathway to Central and South Americas)
  • ESnet
  • National Lambda Rail (NLR)
  • UltraScience Network
  • CaveWave
  • TeraGrid
  • I-WIRE
  • Ultralight
  • Distributed Optical Testbed
  • MREN/Optical MREN -- Advanced Networking for Advanced Applications

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