Mission & Projects

The Mission of the International Center for Advanced Internet Research is To Accelerate Leading-Edge Innovation and Enhanced Digital Global Communications through Advanced Internet Technologies, in Partnership with the International Community .

The International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) accomplishes its mission by undertaking research and development (R&D) projects in four key areas; Advanced Applications, Advanced Network Middleware, Advanced Infrastructure, and Public Policy Initiatives. The Center also manages several large scale networking facilities, including communication exchanges and research networks. Virtually all sectors of the national economy require new types of network-based applications supported by an advanced information services and infrastructure -- an internetworking fabric capable of providing high performance, reliable, high capacity communication services that can be rapidly scaled and readily managed.

The Center envisions a continuous technology creation spiral in which innovative technologies are designed, developed, prototyped, and implemented in early deployment, then are recreated anew through additional enhancement. Projects are defined within research mission parameters. The majority of iCAIR projects focus on large-scale next-generation networks -- metro area, state-wide, regional, national, and international, including all-optical networks based on concepts of dynamic control of wavelengths (lightpaths).

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